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PADI Diver Education Program

Total Entertainment is proud of the reputation we have established with our after school diving programs for the last 4 years.

Each of the programs is designed to fill a full term of 10 to 12 weeks of activities.  Training is a combination of  academic training, (Homework) combined with fun activities such as planning trips, logging our dives as well as diving videos from Thailand.

Confided water training teaches the skill's the students will need as well as combining games and activities in the swimming pool.  

One great advantage to participating in these PADI Programs over a 10 - 12 week period is students learn more.  If taking these courses on vacation or at a resort, students would have to cover the same material in 4 days or less.

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PADI Diver Education Program

PADI SEAL Team age 8-12 yrs

SCUBA DIVER  age 10 and up
age 10 and up
age 12 and up
age 12 and up

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