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After School Wakeboarding

Our Wakeboard school is part of our Pratum Thani Outdoor adventure center and the lake and surrounding area covers 420,000 SQM or 100 Acres. In addition to wakeboarding and water skiing, the area is home to our challenge course and various ropes course.  Surrounded by rice fields, the area is quiet and really makes you feel like you are in rural Thailand.

Student Wakeboarders and Skiers are pulled behind our 2004 Malibu Response Tournament Ski Boat, and all students will be required to wear life jackets while ridding in the boat or while Skiing & Wakeboarding.  Our Private Lake ensures the students are the ONLY one ridding. No other boats or wakes.  860 Meters Long X 300 Meters Wide, 15 Meters Deep.

The TE Coaches can teach at any skill level.  Asian #1 Rider "Lota", Bunyalo Jumruang not only can perform almost every wakeboard trick, he can teach you how to do the same.  Beginners and first time riders get proper instructions to eliminate the frustration and help them fall in love with wakeboarding and skiing.

Option A
Option A, the students will be transported to TE Pratum Thani Wake & Ski School immediately after class for after school activities.  (2:30 – 3:00)   The students will each have the opportunity to Wakeboard or Water Ski for Two
(2), 10-Minute Sets. Once the group has finished, they will be transported back to school for parents to pick up.  Exact time will depend on number of students and schools location.

Cost, 9 Week Course (Week 1 classroom, Week 2-9 At lake)

  • With Transportation Included, approximately 9,600 Baht per student - 9 weeks.

  • With NO Transportation Included, approximately 8,000 Baht per student - 9 weeks.

Option B
Same as option 1, but students will ski for One (1), 15-Minute Set.

  • With Transportation Included, approximately 8,050 Baht per student - 9 weeks.

  • With NO Transportation Included, approximately 6,000 Baht per student - 9 weeks.

*** With both Options, a minimum of 6 students is needed.  Maximum of 9 Students.

Please check out our Wakeboard and Water Ski sections of the Website for more information.


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