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Corporate Activities

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  • Multi-Day Trips

We literally have over 100 activities, challenges, and games your group can choose from.  In addition to the fun, conference rooms are available for meetings. Overnight accommodations are also available. 

Each activity includes a brief and de-brief and will stress, team planning, time management, clear communication, and trust in their fellow workers.

Let us know your group dynamics and what you would like to achieve while with us for the day.  

Teams / groups will be 8 to 12 participants depending on ability and overall group dynamics.

Ropes Course   90 Min to 180 Min
Teams rotate through are various ropes course elements.  Events are chosen for groups ability, each event takes approximately 30 minutes.  All events require the team to work together and communicate . 12 element is all.

Mud & Water Course 90 Min to 180 Min
The students favorite, several ropes course elements built over mud, pits, water pits, and our lake.  5 different elements each taking about 30 minutes to complete.  All participants will need to trust their team members and communicate together, If not....
Raft Building 90 Min to 150 Min
A classic teambuilding exercise, teams must develop a plan to build a raft to carry team members in a race on the lake.  They have limited time and limited resources.  Many variable can be added to this classic excercise.

                                                Mountain Biking
All of our Mountain biking trips are adjusted to the ability of the group.  Everyone is required to wear biking helmets at all times.  Lots of option to incorporate other challenges.

Rice Tour  90 Min to 180 Min
Take a ride around the lake and into the surrounding community which is dominated by rice cultivation.  Course is typically 8 to 12 Km.
Lake Tour 60 Min to 90 Min
For younger students or groups with limited time.  Students take a 3 to 5 Km journey around the lake. 
BMX Course  60 Min to 90 Min
Integrated into the lake tour, students make a stop at our BMX course where they will have the chance to race their fellow teammate.
River & Temple  90 Min to 180 Min
Located 3 km from the Chao Phrya river, there are numerous temple to visit along a sleepy rural road that follows the rivers banks. 

General Teambuilding

Team Kayaking   20 Min to 30 Min
Big Blue Tubes 20 Min to 30 Min
Water Toss 20 Min to 30 Min
Land Rafts 20 Min to 30 Min
A-Frame  20 Min to 30 Min
The Amazon 20 Min to 30 Min

Mental Games

Giant Puzzles 20 Min to 30 Min
Pyramids 20 Min to 30 Min
Mine Field 20 Min to 30 Min
Hidden Maze 20 Min to 30 Min

Ice Breakers

Hand Cuffs 20 Min to 30 Min
Human Knot 20 Min to 30 Min

First Aid and Safety

Emergency First Response
A Full day of First Aid and CPR.  This is one of our most successful team building activities.



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