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TE Executive Adventure
Corporate Activities

  • Serious Outdoor Adventure

  • Not for the faint of heart

On occasion we are asked to put together extreme adventure programs for smaller executive groups who have participated in some of the world most extreme adventures such as rafting the Grand Canyon or abseiling or rappelling major rock faces.

Thailand has many activities to put your group into an extreme activity where trust among group is essential for the overall safety. 

Please contact us for more information and activities that are suitable to your group.

White Water Rafting Nan Province

This two or three day program put the participants in the middle of the dense mountainous jungle.  Rafters and their guides must be self sufficient for the trip through over 100 sets of rapids 85km down stream.  Overnight camping is required, and meals must be prepared on the river banks.  Meals and camping arrangements are top notch. 

No Mobile phone signals, no internet or e-mail.  Satellite phones are available for emergency calls.  Trip is available June-July, and October - December. 

Nathorn Nayoke Waterfall Abseil-Rappel

Two Day One Night Program at the southern side of Khao Yai National Park.  Participants spend the first day learning to an intermediate level of abseiling and rappelling to prepare them for day two 3 tier 180 meter rappel down
Tharn Rattana Waterfall.  Overnight in resort in the Nathorn Nayoke area is required. 



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