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The mission of TE Pratum Thani is to provide outdoor learning experiences which will challenge youth and adults to exceed their perceived boundaries as well as serve as a catalyst for personal growth and change.

A ropes course is a high impact learning tool. Based on the tenets of experimental education, ropes courses have been proven effective by Outward Bound, Project Adventure and hundreds of similar programs. Programs at TE actively involve participants through challenges to the mind, body and spirit.

Safety is of paramount importance in ropes course programs. Our state-of-the-art course is built to A.C.C.T. standards. Redundancy and strength of materials in the course's safety system effectively reduce physical risk. Proper staff and participant training is vital for the safety of the individual and the group. After initial group activities, the ropes course experience becomes significantly safer than every day activities. Challenge is by choice. No participant is asked to attempt any activity which does not feel safe.

Programs at TE allow groups to address a wide range of issues relevant to professional and personal growth, group development and environmental understanding. Content areas may include:

  • Creativity

  • Risk-taking

  • Leadership

  • Team Building

  • Communication

  • Time Management

Programs are custom designed our experienced adventure education consultants.
Participants have the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones, surpass their previously perceived limits and support others in their attempts to excel.

Challenge Course - Outdoor Adventure
A custom built adventure center built for school groups, corporate team building, group parties and picnics.

Group initiatives, also called teams courses or low ropes courses, are problems or obstacles that challenge groups both mentally and physically. These challenges require teamwork to be completed successfully. All participants must work together to accomplish the tasks and they act as safety systems for one another. These activities allow the trainer or facilitator to work right with the group, helping them deal with teamwork objectives, and preparing them for bigger challenges, such as a ropes course or the challenges found in the everyday world.

Ropes Challenge Course programs typically involve small groups of participants over an intense period of hours or days, or in sessions over weeks or a semester, in a series of activities which increase in difficulty and focus variously on participants' physical, emotional, social, and intellectual capabilities. 

Ropes Challenge Courses are often used in conjunction with other forms of training or education, such as in physical education, in orientation programs, and for staff development.  Ropes Challenge Courses can be used with school students through to adults and are readily adaptable to a wide variety of cultures, settings, and people with different abilities.

History of Ropes Challenge Courses

The military have been using "commando" or "assault" courses perhaps ever since the Ancient Greeks groomed their young soldiers via horse-riding and other adventure activities.  The purpose of assault courses was to provide tough physical and emotional, multi-element physical training exercises.  Occasionally members of the public encounter may have participated, e.g., for physical selection and fitness testing for particular jobs (e.g., army, police, fire fighting, etc.).  But they really were and are designed for people who are very physically fit.

Some of the basic elements of commando courses have been creatively adapted and extended for use in civilian education and training.  And this has been the real story of the growth of ropes challenge courses during the second half of the 20th century. 

Ropes Challenge Courses have "exploded" in the recent couple of decades - their birth can be traced to Outward Bound and Project Adventure in the 1960s in the USA.  With school and community playgrounds sadly becoming overly safe and "stock standard" and with less access to open, natural spaces, there was a real need to invent more creative and challenging ways in which adventurous physical and psychological play and learning could take place for children, youth and adults.


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