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Outdoor Adventure Center Pratum Thani.

Parties - Birthday Parties, Company Parties, Family Days, Group Picnics

Birthday Parties

Celebrate with us! TE Pratum Thani is the perfect place for your child’s next birthday party. We specialize in party packages for all ages. Our trained staff will make sure your family and guest have a great experience.

On the field, parties will include an array of sports and games of your choice or reserve a specialty party on our outdoor challenge course, mountain biking, wakeboarding and water skiing.



TE Asia Co., Ltd.
46/14 Moo 1, Tah Koh
Samkok, Pratum Thani 12160

Main Office: 02 978 8610
Fax: 02 978 8611

Lakeside Mobile Phone #:

081 834 6300 (Jeab)
081 750 3543 (Geoff)

081 806 1896 (Nat)
084 530 1821 (Bomb)
081 806 7627 (General)

E-Mail: info@totalentertainment.co.th