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One of the most versatile shows available.  Pick the space you have available or want to develop, and drop in the sports that fit.

Once a form of transportation, now a form of Extreme entertainment. 

Vertical Half Pipe Reaching height 5 meters above take off. You’ll see 360 and 540 spins, Tail spins, and coping tricks all performed on a bicycle. 

Flatland Hopping on one wheel, twisting and turning the handle bars, flatland demonstrations execute the most technical skills on a bicycle on flat land. 


Skaters and Boarders  in search of the ultimate trick. 

Vertical Half Pipe Trying to out do their friends on bicycles, our skaters and roller bladder’s catch big air, flipping and spinning their way back into the half pipe to do it again.
Jump Box Big speed, big air, landing on stage or sliding down a railing, our skaters will “wow,” the audience from take-off to finish. Mistakes on the jump box are just as impressive as a tricks completed.


Wake boarding is the way generation X prefers to ski. The once “Bad Boy’s,” of water skiing, are now mainstream.

Wake Boarders reaching height of 5 Meters above the boat wake.
Twisting, spinning and flipping head over heels at speeds over 80KPH.


With no fear of heights, multitalented athletes flip, spin, and soar back to earth. Gravity always wins!!!

High diving. If there is water, our athletes will make a big splash. Diving from 3M, 5M, 10M or as high as 20Meters.
Bungee Jumping. No water? All you need is space to set up a bungee tower. 
Trampoline. Performers bouncing head over heals, defying gravity, and attempting to land on their feet.


A sport that requires extreme fitness, agility, strength, and mental attitude.

Difficulty Climbing. Dangling from a finger tip 10 meters from Earth, our climbers demonstrate all aspects of sport climbing. One false move and they come crashing down. 
Speed Climbing A head to head competition between two climbers. The quickest climber to reach the top is crowned champion.
Rappelling / Absailing The latest techniques to get from the top back to the bottom.

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