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Water ski show of today are going through many changes.  Shows today must be interactive, multifaceted  productions.  Audiences  are no longer satisfied with just sitting  and watching. Whether you chose one of our pre-scripted shows, or we prepare a new show to fit your culture, Total Entertainment will meet these needs. 

Combine these new idea’s for our shows with the new generation of water ski equipment for a show that is second to none.

Performer numbers can vary from 5 performers to as many as 25 making this a versatile show.

The one necessity for a ski show is a body of water.  Ski shows can be preformed in lake as small as 150 meters by 75 meters.   A larger body of water will allow more versatility.   Let us know what you have to work with and we will prepare a show that  amaze your audience and your budget


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