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TE Wake N Ski, Total Entertainment Co., Ltd.Boats
Your Ride - Your Lake

TE Wake N Ski, Asia's #1 Wakeboarding and Water Ski Center

 Boats built during the current Century
2008 Super Air Nautique 210 Team Edition (Wakeboard)
               - 2004 Malibu Response LX -  
Heavily Weighted (Wakeboarding)
               - 2005 Elan American Skier Classic (Skiing)

With three boats in the water and ready to go, we can promise that mechanical problems won't ruin your vacation time. 

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com

2008 Super Air Nautique 210 Team Edition

It's Here
2008 Super Air Nautique 210 Team Edition.  The boat was shipped from Florida on Oct 19th, and
has finally arrived in January, what a wait!.

Fantastic wakeboard boat.


2004 Malibu Response LX

This has been TE's work horse since we opened back in 2004. 

Loaded front to back with 800KG of ballast or 1,700 lbs, this boat puts out an impressive wake with or without your friends onboard. 

Asia and the worlds top wakeboarders have been enjoying this boat for a while having pulled the 2005 ESPN Thailand X-Cup as well as the Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour in 2006.


Randy Harris and the Gator Board Team at TE with Sidewayz Films

Feb 2007 on there Transgression Tour of Asia.



Take the weight out, and this is also a top of the range tournament ski boat. In 2004 it had pulled all major world records.  

2005 Elan - American Skier Classic 


5.7L GM Vortec
340 HP
Perfect Pass
Magnetic Pickups
Training boom





Our main 3-Event boat, our Elan is packed with a 5.7 liter GM Vortec engine pumping out 340HP.  Perfect Pass and dual magnetic sensor for timing, this boat can keep all slalom skiers, trick skiers and barefooters very happy.   

With our training boom installed, this is the also the ideal boat for training first time wakeboarders with ease. 

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com

It's Here, 2008 Super Air Nautique

PCM ZR6 = 390HP
GM 6.0 liter Engine

Our 2008 Super Air Nautique features:

Zero-Off GPS Based Speed Control
3 Ballast Tanks, 2 Stern, 1 Bow
Hydro-Gate SportShift

Clarion Stereo System
8 Polk MOMO Speakers w/custom Tweeter
Subwoofer 320Watt External Amp
Bow Speakers

Flight Control Tower with racks.


Weekend Warriors

2005 ESPN Thailand X-Cup

The girls, hanging out.



Your Ride, Your Lake!!!

We don't just rent a small piece of land on the side of a reservoir, we take up the entire property and lake.   Private lake means we control the traffic.  When it's your turn, the attention is all on you, and your perfect water conditions. 

TE is like no other wakeboard or water ski school in Asia.  The boats are constantly returning to the docks between sets, so there is no need to sit in the boat for hours, just to be included.  Whether you are on shore, enjoying breakfast, lunch, a BBQ dinner, or just a few beers, you are always a part of the action.  


Give us a try.
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Your Ride - Your Lake
No Rollers!!! - No Bullshit!!!

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com


TE Asia Co., Ltd.
46/14 Moo 1, Tah Koh
Samkok, Pratum Thani 12160

Main Office: 02 978 8610
Fax: 02 978 8611

Lakeside Mobile Phone #:

081 834 6300 (Jeab)
081 750 3543 (Geoff)

081 806 1896 (Nat)
084 530 1821 (Bomb)
081 806 7627 (General)

E-Mail: info@totalentertainment.co.th


Great Coaching - Great Riders - Great Atmosphere
Beginner to Pro, everyone receives the same quality coaching. Asian #1 Rider "Lota", Bunyalo Jumruang leads our group of experienced professionals.

Riders from around the world will be joining us for the winter. From Asia, the top riders from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Singapore. Europeans from France, England, Germany and Russia. Great atmosphere to learn from and spend most of your time talking wakeboarding.

TE Wake N Ski is home to Thailand's top professional wakeboarders. Bunyalo Jumrung (LOTA), Tatsanai Kuakoonrat (A), Damian Lea Anwar (Didi) ,Tanapon Jitraswat (Tom) and the latest, Padiwat Jaemjan (Bomb)