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Padiwat Jeamjan "BOMB!"

Professional Wakeboarder, Coach and Driver.
2006 Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour Overall Champion

2006 Review

What a great year.  Where should we start?? 
The Beginning!

The year started out slow, but what an ending!!
The more you read the better it gets!

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Reef Wakefest  Thailand
May 27th, 2006                                       
8th Place
This one day Slider and Kicker Cable event was held at the Cable Park located just outside of Pattaya.  A great party atmosphere all day as the mainly Thai competitors battled it out for bragging rights.

Thailand has had 4 Cable parks for more than 15 years, and the Thai cable riders are some of the best in the world.  Without any practice and only a few rides on the cable in the last year, Bomb was only able to take 8th place. 

A great time was had by all at Wakefest Thailand 2006

Reef Wakefest  Hong Kong, June 17th and 18th, 2006         6th Place http://www.reefwakefest.com/hongkong/
REEF and X-Games in Hong Kong went all out to put on a huge weekend event with all level of riders competing from Beginners to the Pro's.  First boat competition of the year for Bomb, and eager to show off his new tricks.  A great first pass, but unfortunately broke his board on the first trick on his 2nd pass.   (The ONLY CONCRETE WAKEBOARD he has broken in over 1 year).  His fantastic first pass scored high enough to get him into Sundays finals, but now he needed to spend Saturday evening looking for a new board!!!  Thanks Zuki.

With the level of competitors so high, Bomb had to settle on 6th place unfamiliar with the new equipment on Sunday.  Next time he tells us....

Reef Wakefest Hong Kong 2006

Reef Wakefest  Singapore, July 22nd & 23rd, 2006          
1st  Place 
The final stop for REEF in 2006, Bomb finally made it to the podium.  This was Bomb's second year to Singapore for Reef Wakefest and he was hoping to improve over his 3rd place finish in 2005.  Men and Women riders were competing in a variety of categories on Saturday, with Men's Open getting a chance to enjoy the day off. 

Sunday was a full day with the pro's hitting the water at 9:00 for qualifiers.   Bomb had a great morning ride and qualified 1st for the semi-finals without having to go through LCQ at mid-day.  Being familiar with the boat and the location, Bomb felt very confident.  Bomb again placed 1st in the semi finals and would be ridding last in the finals.  Victory!!!  Bomb's first win and paycheck at age 17. 

Asian Wakeboard Tour 06  1st Tour Stop
Osaka, Japan, September 17th-18th, 2006                                                        
1st  Place 

After a two month break from competition, The Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour got started for 2006 in Osaka Japan.  The three tour stop would finish in November at Bomb's home turf outside of Bangkok after Singapore. 

Bomb traveled to Japan a week early so he would be able to help Concrete with a clinic in Nagano before heading to Osaka for the competition.

When the AWPT 2006 kicked off, Bomb was ready to go.  Unfortunately, a typhoon that was in the area was making the conditions scary for the first few days in Osaka.  Luckily the weather improved enough for the weekend tournament. 

Saturday Men's open came at the end of the day, and by luck, Bomb was to be the last one to ride for the day.  As the day came to an end, the weather and water conditions improved dramatically and Bomb advanced to the finals.

Again having the advantage of being the last rider on Sunday, the water gods seemed to want to help Bomb.  His consistent pass won Bomb his 2nd trophy this year and another nice prize check to spend shopping in Japan. 

HSBC Wakeboard World Cup  Singapore
Sept 31 & Oct 1, 2006   http://www.wakeboardworldcup.com/
Out Sat 

What a treat and a privilege for Bomb to be invited to the final stop of the Wakeboard World Cup for 2006.  A great big thank to the Singapore Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (SWWF) and Master Craft who invited Bomb with their last spot. 

Arriving Thursday afternoon Bomb meet up with fellow TE coach Abel Vergter and got to know his fellow competitors quickly. In no particular order, the top dogs included Brett Eisenhaur, Morgan Krause, Chad Sharpe, Dan Nott , Jeff Weatherall , Phillip Soven, Keith Lidberg, Andrew Adkinson, Rusty Malinoski, Danny Harf and many other top rated wakeboarders from around the world. 

Friday the guys and Pro Women spent the day at the lake with photo's and practice.  Hanging out and practicing with the best in the world was an incredible learning experience.  The evening it was off to Q-Bar for the opening evening, and then an early night to bed.   

Saturdays preliminaries didn't go that great for Bomb and after coming off Two wins, Bomb was humbled when Brett Eisenhaur and Morgan Krause eliminated him from Heat 1.  Bomb was the first rider of the competition after a several hour rain delay, how about that for pressure!!!!

After the first heat, the weather changed for the better and Bomb enjoyed the rest of the weekend enjoying the event and getting to know everyone.  One of the many highlights would be all of the Men Wakeboarders staying at the event site Saturday and trying to finish all of the free beer provided, which they almost accomplished. 

Sundays finals was an fantastic display of wakeboarding and water ski jumping.  Hopefully with a little luck, Bomb will be invited back again for the 2007 Wakeboard World Cup.


And then the Floods Came!!!
Bomb spent the end of October fighting the rising water levels around TE.  Nov 3rd we lost the fight and had to evacuate and shut down.  

Even worse than all the hard work evacuating equipment, boats, the AWPT on the 24th, and customers, no wakeboarding or practice until Singapore.

Asian Wakeboard Tour 06  2nd Tour Stop Singapore,  November 17th - 18th   http://www.asianwba.com/
5th Place

This was a much needed vacation for Bomb away from Thailand and the floods and work in Bangkok.  The Singapore stop of the AWPT is always a great get together with all of the riders from around the region, and this year was no exception.  Friday was an easy evening with practice scheduled for Saturday morning.  With everyone here (Except Lota) the level of competition was at it's highest level.   Making the top 3 would be difficult with any falls.

Saturdays practice went well and Bomb was familiar with the Kallang Riverside Park as it was the same location for Reef Wakefest earlier in the year.  Late afternoon the men preliminary's got underway and Bomb qualified for the semi-finals on Sunday.



More coming soon........






Asian Wakeboard Tour 06  3rd Stop
Thailand, November 24th & 25th http://www.asianwakeboardprotour.com/
3rd Place

The AWPT comes to TE Wake N Ski.  For Bomb, our lead instructor, this meant a lot of work organizing the competition, at a new lake just to make things more difficult.  Everyone from the AWPT Singapore competition started arriving the Monday for practice.   Coach Moto and Shintoro where here to help out and the week went by very quickly with so much to do. 

Saturday, with Bomb's mother in attendance, Bomb rocked.  Not only did he take 1st place in his heat 3, he also had top score of the day just slightly beating out both Aey and Lota winners of their respective heats.. 

After a wild night at the tournament venue, featuring 3 bands and a lot of beer, the Pro-Men were the first to take the water in the semi-finals.  The top 12 riders from Saturday would be reduced to 8 Riders for the finals.  Again, Bomb did well and advanced to the finals.  Terumasa led the semi-finals with the best score followed by Aye, and Lota and Bomb tied for 3rd.

For the finals, the top eight would go head to head.  Each rider would have to complete another 3 tournament runs to win.  

In the first round, Bomb eliminated Toshiki, Lota beat Masayoshi, Aye took out Manabu, and Terumasa ending Shuntaro's competition.   The four lead guys from the semi finals would continue on.

In the next pairings, it would be Bomb vs. Lota and Terumasa vs. Aye. If Bomb can beat Lota it will assure he wins the overall title for 2006 and is guaranteed top 2.  Unfortunately for Bomb, Lota completed his 3rd no fall run of the day, and with Bomb having one fall Lota advanced to the finals and Bomb would have to compete for 3rd place.  Aye had an excellent run and Terumasa had a fall and Aye advanced to the finals. 

In the finals for first place, Lota was going up against Aye.  Lota's cat like performance ended with his first fall of the day, while Aye pulled off the perfect pass for the win.

Normally an anticlimactic event, Bomb and Terumasa would compete for the 3rd and 4th place but this had more ridding on it than that.  The winner would be crowned overall tour champion.  When the judges were finished, it was Bomb taking 3rd place and ultimately fulfilling his goal of #1 in Asia for 2006.

Check out the video of the final run of Terumasa and Bomb here.

Bombs goal for 2007?  To be the top 10 in the world, and he is not joking about this.  Stay tuned to see how 2007 and works out.


Flying high at TE

Bomb  Thailand Reef Wakefest - Cable

Hong Kong Wakefest

Bomb at Reef Wakefest Hong Kong

1st Place in Singapore

Chilling out before the finals

Bomb, ready to take the title in Japan
A little cool!

AWPT Finals in Osaka

HSBC World Cup Singapore

Opening pass HSBC World Cup



Water level up 8 meters in 12 hours

Toshiki challenging Bomb

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