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Padiwat Jeamjan "BOMB!"

Professional Wakeboarder, Coach and Driver.
2006 Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour Overall Champion

2007 Results

What has happened so far....

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2007 Keep checking back as details will be posted after each wakeboard event.  Most recent events at the top.

Billabong Asian Wake Boarding Championships
Tai Po Waterfront Park (Hong Kong) http://www.xgamehk.com
July 8th
Bomb wins 1st Place

Men's Open Results:
1st Place: Bomb (TE Coach)
2nd Place: Aye (TE Coach)
3rd Place: Kim Young Il
4th Place Shintaro (TE Coach)

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com

SWWF Rail Jam  http://www.swwf.org.sg/
June 16th
Bomb takes 1st Place
Video of the finals is online, click here

1st Bomb
2nd Max Christian
3rd Chris Yeo



Maxout  Hydrosports - CONCRETE Clinic - Demo
Singapore http://www.maxouthydrosports.com/
June 17th
Photo's from David Ngiam at http://www.davidngiam.com/albums/0706-bombtube/

Check out a review from one of Bombs students.



June 1st – 3rd, Japan Pro Tour, 1st WAKESERIES  http://www.jwba.net/
Wakayama, Selection Time,
Tournament Results http://www.jwba.net/i/whatsnew/detail.php?id=798

Bomb takes 1st Place, with a score of 95!!!!
Sorry, still no good photos, video of final run is online.

The 1st Japan Pro Tour, Wakeseries stop just finished in Wakayama this past weekend and we are proud to announce that Bomb took 1st place.   We are still waiting for Bomb's return to Bangkok with photo's and a more detailed description, but what we do know....

Friday, June 1st the Pro-Men had their Semi-finals with 5 heats, and the top 2 from each heat advancing to the Sunday finals.  Saturday would be a day off for the pro's as the wakeskate and other divisions competed. 

On the chilly Friday, Bomb would be the 4th of 7 rider of the 1st heat and needed to wear a dry suit for the run.  Bomb set the tone for the competition on a great run of 83.33.  The young Toshiki, also in heat 1 ridding last, scored 67.78 to also advance to the finals with the 3rd highest score of the day.

Two of TE Japanese coaches, Moto (Sampei) and Shuntaro also won their heats and joined Bomb in the Sunday finals. 

On Sunday, with Pro men going last, the water conditions were excellent and a warm 75 and Bomb would be the last to ride ranking 1st place in the semi-finals.    The result, 95 points and Bomb first win of the year.

Pass 1
  • 313
  • Batwing to Blind
  • Switch Skezer
  • Indy off 540
  • Blind 540 (fall)

Pass 2

  •  Switch 313
  • TS Switch 720 (fall)
  • Dum Dum
  • TS Switch 720


  • 911
Final Results

Men's Open

1. Bomb                95.00
2. Toshiki              83.89
3. Shintaro            75.56
4. Ryoji                  73.33
5. Tetsu Kurita      68.89
6. Malibu               67.22
7. Moto                  63.33

Women's Open

1. Miku
2. Ayazo
3. Kiyomi

Concrete Tokyo Promotion Trip
Bomb spent the week prior to the Wakayama Tour stop around Tokyo visiting 2 Concrete Wakeboard shops.  It was a great weekend meeting some very enthusiastic Japanese wakeboarders.  Bomb helped out with coaching clinics and always found time for a demo at the end of the day.

May 26th, TOF WAKEBOARD SERVICE http://www.tof-wake.com




Concrete Tokyo Promotion Trip
May 27th, WakeBoard Service BEAR http://www.bear-s.com/wakeboard.html




2007 Equipment
Board: Concrete Ultema Limited 139
Bindings: Concrete Future
Vest: Concrete Neo-Vest












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