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Padiwat Jeamjan "BOMB!"

Professional Wakeboarder, Coach and Driver.
2006 Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour Overall Champion


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SWWF Rail Jam Finals June 16, 2007 
Filmed and edited by David Ngiam.  Unique Pool-Winch competition in downtown Singapore.  The top 6 riders, 3 rides each.

4 minute video is 10.5MB

Final Run at Wakayama WakeSeries #1
It's missing the final two tricks of his run, but it's the best we have right now.  The batteries almost lasted the full competition. 

Short 1 Minute video, 8 MB

Bomb's latest
The Latest Video of Bombs Winter Wake Training. 
Video taken in Feb 2007.  Posted April 10th, 2007

This 5 Min 17MB file is a warning of what's to come in 2007!

TE General video
This general short video made by Gertje in Holland.  A bit of Bomb, Shintaro, and Oli on the Sky Ski.  Great crash scene at the end.

This 5 minute video is 8.5MB
te-gertje 2007.wmv

Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour Thailand.
Finals, Bomb vs. Terumasa for 3rd place.  This will also decide who will be 1st and 2nd overall for AWPT 2006.  November 26th, 2006

This 2.8mb is from David Ngiam

Sh-Films featuring Aye and Bomb 23MB
3 Cameras and 10 minutes for both Bomb and Aye was all that was needed for this 4 minute clip.

Filmed in December 2005

tube-2.wmv 5MB
First set behind the boat!!!!!  Yes, David Ngiam was there to take photo's and Gunter to shoot the video to document his first day. 

Filmed May 15th, 2005




TE Wake N Ski
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New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com


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