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Padiwat Jeamjan "BOMB!"

Professional Wakeboarder, Coach and Driver.
2006 Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour Overall Champion

Video of Bombs training during Feb 07.

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Name=                  Padiwat Jaemjan   “Bomb”
Birth of date=       August 25th, 1988
From (Born in)=    Ratchaburi, Thailand
Now, Live in=       TE Wake N Ski, Pratum Thani, Bangkok, Thailand
                             Sri Pratum Longstay Resort - Wakeboard Alley.

Favorite tricks=  Switch 720, Switch 313, Dum Dum

What do you prefer spin tricks or inverts?  A little of both.

What tricks do you want to learn in 2007? 900's and blind 720's consistently.  Wirly 540, Moby Dick

How often do you practice?  I normally take One 30-minute set each day.   Some days I will take a 2nd set with an occasional day off. 

What is your goal for 2007?  I want to be the #1 wakeboarder in Asia, and rank in the top 10 in the world. 

When did you first start wakeboarding and how did you get to today's level?

I started waterskiing and knee boarding in 1994,  at 6 years old at a cable ski park in Ratchaburi, I fell in love with being pulled across the water, and my family was very supportive bringing me to the cable.  My father passed away later that year and I didn't go waterskiing again until I was eight.

1996, At 8 years old I started wakeboarding and waterskiing again almost everyday.  I would go to school in the morning and then come home and help my mom at her shop for 1 hour and then she would take me to Lake Point for ridding the rest of the day.  Lake Point Cable would bring me home after dark.  Weekends were spent at the cable park.  This was the schedule until I was 12 when I got a motor cycle and started a new school. 

2001, At 12 years old I started secondary school.  I tested very well and was accepted at the top school in Ratchaburi Province.  This meant I would have to travel 30km to school each way everyday, having a motorcycle was very helpful getting there.   Being a little older, my Mom put me to work before and after school, but I still had time to go to the cable park on most days.  I would play other sports at school, but being on the water is what I always wanted to do.

2003, at age 14, I also started to race jet skis as well as wakeboarding.  The cable park had a professional jet ski team that competed around Thailand.  Wakeboard and Jet ski competition were always different dates, so I would spend one or two months just doing one sport or the other to get ready to compete.  My Jet Ski pro career highlights are a 2nd and 3rd place in the Men's Limited Stand Up category. 

2004 - 2005 I decided to pursue a jet ski career, and spent time in Bangkok with a racing team, and then a few months with the Flamingo Racing Team in Pattaya.  I was only 14 and 15 years old and being away from home was difficult.  Jet ski racing is  very expensive and with not having money for the best engines and ski's, talent could only get me so far. 

I also missed wakeboarding.  In May of 2005 I gave my friend Lota, who worked at TE Wake N Ski a call and asked if I could have a job.  Growing up I would see Lota dominating all of the Cable competitions.  He then switched to the boat, and had traveled the world wakeboarding.  He always gave me advice and offered help if I wanted to pursue wakeboarding.

May 14th, 2005 I took a bus from Pattaya to Bangkok, and then hired a tuk-tuk to take me to TE Wake N SKi.  The 45 km journey was over 3 hours long through monsoon rains completely lost.  I eventually arrived at Sri Pratum Longstay Resort and that has been my home since that day and loving every minute of it.

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com

The rest is history.

 2007 Competition Results=

Japan WakeSeries 1, Wakamaya          
1st Place
Rail Jam Singapore
                                   1st Place

 2006 Competition Results=

Reef Wakefest – Thailand (Cable)            8th Place
Reef Wakefest – Hong Kong                     6th Place
Reef Wakefest – Singapore                      1st Place

Asian Wakeboard Tour – Japan               1st Place
Asian Wakeboard Tour – Singapore        5th Place
Asian Wakeboard Tour – Thailand           3rd Place
Asian Wakeboard Tour Overall Men’s Open Champion.

 HKSB World Cup – Singapore                 Eliminated Saturday Round.

What was BEST in 2006?=  So many positive things happened in 2006.  I achieved my goal of taking the Overall Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour Title.  Invited to the World Cup event in Singapore was a highlight being involved with the best wakeboarders in the world and getting to meet them.  All of this was possible because of all the great experiences and great people I meet over the year.  

What was WORST in 2006?=   In hindsight, not much.  I was disappointed a few times at tournaments because I did not do as well as I would have liked, but it was all a great learning experience.  Not everything is going to go perfect all of the time.  For example, I was disappointed with my performance at the World Cup in Singapore, but hey, I was invited and it was a great experience getting to meet the worlds top riders, drivers and judges. 

Our lake flooding was a big disappointment, but some things you can’t control.  Deal with it and move on.

What do you want to do when you are 21 years old?=  That is still 2 years away?  In addition to competing in Asia, I will hopefully be joining the Pro Tour's in America, Europe and Australia.   Being a competitor, I want to compete against the best in the world.  I also want to continue to be apart of the growing Asian Wakeboard Community, promote Thailand as the ultimate wakeboarding destination, and keep close to some spicy Thai food.

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com

Past Competition Experience :

Hungary World Cable Championship ; Hungary (Cable)
3rd Place Reef Wakefest 2005, Singapore
4th Place, Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour 2005; Singapore
7th Place, Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour 2005 ; Phuket Thailand
7th Place, Overall, Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour 2005

1st Place ,Taco Pro - wakeboard competition; Thailand (Cable)
2nd  Place , Taco Kicker Contest ; Thailand (Cable)
2nd  Place, Lake Point Kicker Contest; Thailand (Cable)

1st Place ,Lake Land Pro Trick Ski Contest; Thailand (Cable)
1st Place ,Lake Point Open Mono Ski Contest; Thailand (Cable)

1st Place ,Lake Point Intermediate Wakeboard Competition; Thailand (Cable)

Anybody you would like to thank?

My Mom and family.  Without them and their continued support none of this is possible.  All the time they spent taking me to the cable when I was younger will never be forgotten. 

My Sponsors. 

  • Total Entertainment, TE Wake N Ski for giving me a chance to prove myself. 

  • Concrete International for supplying me with top of the line equipment. 

  • Past Sponsor, The Boardshop (SNG) Batam Cable, Ten-Eighty for helping me out when I was just beginning. 

  • New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com

The wakeboard community in Thailand and around Asia.  The guys running the cable in Ratchaburi.  Lota, Nong, Didi, Aey, Ton and the rest of the Thai wakeboard crew that has always encouraged me. 

Moto, Shuntaro from Japan and Johnson form Hong Kong.  All great friends and coaches. 

All the great people who run the various wakeboard associations around the region promoting the sport, and making competitions possible. 


New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com







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