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Padiwat Jeamjan "BOMB!"

Professional Wakeboarder, Coach and Driver.
2006 Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour Overall Champion

2007 has been a great start with Bomb winning his first three competitions for the year.  That was followed by a 2nd Place at Reef Wakefest in Singapore.  Check out the results of 2007

He's not done yet, next up at the start of August, he is off to Japan.

August 4th & 5th, he gets a chance to go against the world best with the  WWA Wakeboard  World Series J-Round.  Then it is off to Hokkiado where he will be trying to win his 2nd consecutive Wake Series event. 

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3rd Place AWPT Bangkok Thailand 2006

2006, ridding CONCRETE WAKEBOARDS Bomb won his first tournament at Reef Wakefest in Singapore.  That was followed by a win in Osaka Japan at the Asia Wakeboard Pro Tour and he was on a roll.  Humbled at the Wakeboard World Cup in Singapore when  Brett Eisenhower and Morgan Krause eliminated him on Saturday. 

At the end of the season, it came down to Bomb's last set at the AWPT Final at TE Wake N Ski.  Having been eliminated from the finals in a head to head competition with Lota, it was Bomb against TERUMASA YOSHIHARA from Japan.  The heat determined who would take 3rd or 4th place for the Thailand stop, but more importantly, who would be crowned AWPT Overall Champion and runner up for the Tour.  Head to Head, 3 passes.  Want More? Review 2006, here's a hint.....

Congratulations Bomb!
AWPT Overall Champion 2006

2007 will be even more exciting with Bomb entering his 3rd year as a Professional.  Some of the highlight's and challenges Bomb is looking forward to in 2007.

Reef Wakefest in Singapore
A new position for Bomb, time to defend his title as 2006 Champion. 

JWBA Wake Series & WWA Stop
The Japan Wakeboard Association has opened up there 5 tournament Tour to All nationalities for the first time, and Bomb plans to make all 5 stops, June - October. 
JWBA will be hosting the WWA & X-Trails again this year, and Bomb will be there.

Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour
Hopefully, as an expert at defending titles at this point, Bomb will start the Tour in Osaka Japan defending his 1st place finish last year and his overall title at the end in Bangkok.

World Cup Stops
Dates and schedules haven't been released yet, but Bomb is hoping to get an invitation again this year.

World Championships, Doha
Can Bomb compete with the best in the world?  There is only one way to find out.
Check out Bomb's Schedule for this summer and fall.  2007

1st Place REEF Wakefest Singapore 2006

1st Place AWPT Osaka Japan 2006

Check out Bomb on Film
Lot's of video and photo's from the past 2 years.


Want to know more about Bomb?  How long has he been riding?  What's his favorite trick? Check out Bomb's profile for more info.

What is like to be a professional wakeboarder?  What is Bomb's daily life like?  You can find out more here, or check out his Weekly Blog on CONCRETE INTERNATIONAL's Website.


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