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From professional riders looking for serious wakeboard training, or the a first time beginner.
Dare we say.  We have the best coaches in Asia!!! 
Results Speak better than words!  See for yourself.

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com
Coach Bomb, Padiwat Jaemjan
Mobile # 086 312 8834

 2009 Results

1st Place – Westside Jam, Singapore 2009
1st Place - Quicksilver Hong Kong Open
1st Place - 2009 IWSF Asian Wakeboard Championships, Korea
2nd Place – Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour Cable Thailand Stop
3rd Place – Australian PTW #1 Penerith Regatta Center- Sydney
3rd Place - World Games Kaohsiung, Taiwan
3rd Place - Asian Cup Fuyang, Zhejiang Province, P. R. China
5th Place - 2009 IWSF Wakeboard World Championships Wakeboard
9th Place – Australian PTW #2 Stoney Park
11th Place – Australian PTW #3 Brisbane

2008 Results

6th Place 2008 Overall WWA  Wakeboard World Series
9th Place – WWA Wakeboard World Series CWC Philippines
9th Place – WWA Wakeboard World Series Malibu Open, Detroit
5th Place – WWA Wakeboard World Series WakeStock, Toronto
5th Place – WWA Wakeboard World Series X-Trails, Tokyo
35th Place – 2008 Wakeboard World Championships Oklahoma City

1st Place 2008 JWBA Overall Japan WakeSeries Pro Tour
                2008 Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour

1st Place – Japan WakeSeries Pro Tour 1, Toyosu Bay, Tokyo
1st Place – Japan WakeSeries Pro Tour 2, IshikarI City, Hokkaido
1st Place – Japan WakeSeries Pro Tour 3, Nakatsu City, Ooita
1st Place – Japan WakeSeries Pro Tour 4, Ashiya City, Hyogo

1st Place – Westside Jam, Singapore
1st Place – 2nd Namyangju Asia Wakeboard Championship, Korea
2nd Place - Grand Prix Final, Ashiya City, Hyogo Japan
3rd Place - Wakayama Water Festival, Wakayama Japan

2nd Runner up – “Rookie of the Year” 2008 Wakeworld Rider Choice Awards

Bomb, Padiwat Jaemjan



Mobile # 087 907 3584

2007 was Shintaro's 2nd year competing around Asia as a pro, and he stepped up to the #3 spot.  With a log jam of Bomb and Aye at #1, Shuntaro has had to settle with a lot of 3rd place finishes this year. 
Results from 2007

  • 3rd Place - Japan WakeSeries Pro Tour, Wakayama
  • 3rd Place - Japan WakeSeries Pro Tour, Osaka
  • 3rd Place - Korean Open
  • 4th Place - Billabong Asian Wakeboard Championships, HK
  • 4th Place - Japan WakeSeries Pro Tour, Hokkaido
  • 4th Place - Japan WakeSeries Pro Tour, Fukuoka

Winter of 2006 & 2007 Shintoro was with TE all winter, and the training showed as he moved up in the rankings. 

Shintoro is sponsored by Liquid Force Japan, Selection Time, TE Wake N Ski.

Shuntaro is arriving November 5, 2007 through May 2008

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com
Coach Aye, Tatsanai Kuakoonrat

Mobile # 086 551 9970

Aye is currently trying to lead a dual life, full time student, and fulltime wakeboarder.  So far so good.  Check out Aye's first 900. http://www.totalentertainment.co.th/Video/Aey-900.MOV     NEED QuickTime

 Last year highlights include a 1st place finish at AWPT Thailand, 3rd AWPT Overall Tour.  2005 he was overall AWPT Champion. 
Results from 2007

  • 1st Place - Reef Wakefest Singapore
  • 1st Place - Singapore Waterfest
  • 1st Place - Taiwan Open
  • 1st Place - King of Kicker (Cable BKK)
  • 2nd Place - Billabong Asian Wakeboard Championships HK
  • 2nd Place - Korean Open
  • 5th Place - X-Trails, WWA J-Series Pro Tour Stop (tied)

Aye is sponsored by Effect Wakeboards.

Aye is with us year round on weekends with the exception of tournament dates, cable weekends & school exams.


Ronnie Cheung

Mobile # 081 385 0025
Hong Kong ++ 852 6131 3689

Ronnie is relatively new to wakeboarding, starting back in 2004 after a life of skateboarding.  His skate board skills are transferring quickly to the wakeboard.  2007 Ronnie was making it into the finals at the pro tour stops.

Ronnie is sponsored by Concrete Wakeboards and X-Games in Hong Kong.

January & February 2008

Johnson, Hui Chung Shun

Mobile # 081 385 0025
Hong Kong ++852 9 181 9100

A long time visitor of Thailand and an pioneer of wakeboarding in Hong Kong.  Johnson has been spending the last 6 winters in Thailand training and coaching with his summers in Hong Kong.

With the ability to communicate in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and English, Johnson is a true international ambassador for the sport.

Johnson is sponsored by X-Games in Hong Kong

January & February 2008

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com


Moto, Iwamoto Takahiro
Mobile # 07 907 3584
Japan # ++ 81 903 160 5344

Not enough space to tell all about Moto!!!  In brief, Moto will again be visiting TE off and on during the winter.  Moto owns Selection Time wakeboard School in Osaka as well as a Video production Company SH-Films. 

Formerly sponsored by Gator Boards, Moto has just started his own wakeboard Company.  More details about that soon.

Whenever we need help, Moto is here!!!

Seiko Maeda
Mobile #
Japan #

After visiting TE for the last 3 years as a devoted customer, Seiko will be returning this year as Selection Times social director for the Japanese crew coming in. 

Seiko hopes 4 months at TE will push her into the the finals of the Japan Pro Women's open division in 2008.  She also hopes to practice here English.

January 5th - April 15th, 2008

Oli H.

Oli will be back again for his 3rd winter at TE.  His first experience to Asia was coaching in Sri Lanka, but once he experienced TE, the search for the ultimate training spot was over. 

Oliver love is the hydrofoil, but also an experienced wakeboarder and 3 event coach and driver. 

3rd Place European Championships 2006

December 18th 2007 - May 2008


Abel Vegter
Mobile # He doesn't want anyone to know
Holland # He really doesn't want anyone to know

Abel is the current Holland National Wakeboard Champion and will becoming back to TE for his 3rd year.   


Abel is sponsored by J-Star Wakeboards and Bindings

January & February 2008

Mobile #

Kiyo is one of the up and coming pro Japanese ladies.  She has spent the last summer traveling around Asia and spent considerable time in Hong Kong. 

Highlights of the 2007, 2nd Place Billabong Asian Wakeboard Championships in Hong Kong.

After spending the last 2 years with us, Kiyo is not sure when she will be coming back.

Kiyo is sponsored by Concrete Hong Kong

2007 - 2008, Dates unknown???

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com


Geoff Penn
Mobile # 081 750 3543
Skype: geoffpenn1

Geoff is the managing director of TE Wake N Ski.  With 31 years of skiing experience, 12 years as a professional show skier, performing around the world.  Geoff has skied on just about everything the mind could imagine, and then some. 

Dec 24th, 1993 Geoff arrived in Thailand on a 1 year contract performing in the water ski show and stunt show at Safari World.    That yearly contract was continually renewed until 1998, when Total Entertainment was born. 

Dec 24th, 2007 will start Geoff's 15th year in Thailand.  With no plans on returning to the USA anytime soon, Geoff is married to a wonderful wife Jeab, with two beautiful Labrador Retrievers, Allie and Sammie.

Arrive Dec 1993 - Date unknown?


New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com


TE Asia Co., Ltd.
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Samkok, Pratum Thani 12160

Main Office: 02 978 8610
Fax: 02 978 8611

Lakeside Mobile Phone #:

081 834 6300 (Jeab)
081 750 3543 (Geoff)

081 806 1896 (Nat)
084 530 1821 (Bomb)
081 806 7627 (General)

E-Mail: info@totalentertainment.co.th