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New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com

TE Wake N Ski, Thailands #1 Wakeboarding and Water Ski Center

Beginner through professional wakeboard & ski training.

TE Wake and Ski has been open since 2004 and has set the standard of Wakeboarding in Thailand.  The warm tropical weather with perfect water conditions make Water Skiing in Bangkok  the ultimate destination.

-     Private Lakes - Always great conditions regardless of wind.
                    - No Rollers, Your Ride = Your Own PRIVATE Fresh Water Lake.

Our Boats are built during the current Century
2008 Air Nautique 210 Team Edition (Wakeboard)
 - 2005 Elan American Skier Classic (Skiing)
               - 2004 Malibu Response LX -  
Skiing or Heavily Weighted (Wakeboarding)

Lakeside restaurant with Sala's to relax all day long. 
               - In the boat or on shore, your always a part of the action

Excellent Affordable Accommodations with a variety of choices.
              - Monthly rates at 120 Baht per day for Air-conditioned, poolside rooms.
              - Tennis Courts, Golf Driving Range, 2 pools, fitness center, sauna, snooker.

Location, Location, Location. 
              - Rural setting surrounded by rice fields, this is true Thailand
              - Easy access to taxi's, shopping, restaurants and many other attractions
              - 45 minutes from the center of Bangkok, 50 min to International airport.
              - Pizza Hut delivers, so we are just on the edge.

2008 Super Air Nautique 210 Team Edition, Click for more details.
It's Here!!!  2008 Super Air Nautique 210 Team

Coach Bomb, Asian  Wakeboard ChampionCoach Kiyo, 2nd Place Billabong Asian Wakeboarding Championships 2007

Lots of New Pictures on-line now.
Bomb now has his own page.

 New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com
Great Coaching - Great Riders - Great Atmosphere
Beginner wakeboarders to Pro Riders, everyone receives the same quality coaching.  Thailand and Asian #1 Wakeboarder "BOMB!" Padiwat Jaemjan leads our team of experienced multilingual wakeboarding professionals.  

Show time!!!  Having perfect lakes and ideal conditions as well as the latest wakeboard boats and equipment means we always have Pro riders visiting from around the world.  Last years highlight was the Gator Board Team.  Daily training by our coaches Bomb, Aye, Shuntaro and the others is a great encouragement during the day.

wakeboard, relax, and enjoy wakeboarding in Thailand.

Picture of TE Wake N SKi.  Wakeboard in Thailand

A great day at the lake.

We don't just rent a small piece of land on the side of a reservoir, we take up the entire property and lake.   Private lake means we control the traffic.  When it's your turn, the attention is all on you, and your perfect water conditions. 

TE, Like no other.  The boats are constantly returning to the docks between sets, so there is no need to sit in the boat for hours, just to be included.  Whether you are on shore, enjoying breakfast, lunch, a BBQ dinner, or just a few beers, you are always a part of the action.  

Fantastic evening at the resort.  

The resort is a short 3km through a few rice fields from the lake.  The property is a massive 200 Acres and features lakes, forest and few wandering streams.  Altogether, the resort has over 140 rooms, and several houses for rent. 

Our wakeboards and skiers take up the Poolside rooms and Cabana's, giving us some freedom to make a bit of noise away from the other guests.  The pool just outside your door is a great place for evening activities.

For dinner, the resort offers an outdoor cafe with karaoke lounge, and indoor dinning at the reception/sports hall.  Just outside of the resort are various restaurants, food carts, as well as a supermarket. 

New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com
Water Skiers, Hydrofoil, Show Skiers, Barefooters
We haven't forgotten about you.  Although a majority of our customers are wakeboarders, we are also set up to offer top notch facilities for the non-wakeboarder. 

Slalom Skiers - Our Elan and Malibu are set up with Perfect Pass, and the course equipped with Magnet timing.  

Hydrofoils - We have a  tuned Sky Ski available to try, and great Hydrofoil coaching over the winter months with Coach Oliver. 

Barefooters - Both Malibu and Elan boats are equipped with Barefoot booms for training, and the smaller Elan put's out an impressive 340hp, with a suppression plate to make a smooth spray free ride behind the boat.



New TE Wake N Ski site, www.tewake-ski.com

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Your Ride - Your Lake
No Rollers!!! - No Bullshit!!


TE Asia Co., Ltd.
46/14 Moo 1, Tah Koh
Samkok, Pratum Thani 12160

Main Office: 02 978 8610
Fax: 02 978 8611

Lakeside Mobile Phone #:

081 834 6300 (Jeab)
081 750 3543 (Geoff)

081 806 1896 (Nat)
084 530 1821 (Bomb)
081 806 7627 (General)

E-Mail: info@totalentertainment.co.th


Great Coaching - Great Riders - Great Atmosphere
Beginner to Pro, everyone receives the same quality coaching. Asian #1 Rider "Lota", Bunyalo Jumruang leads our group of experienced professionals.

Riders from around the world will be joining us for the winter. From Asia, the top riders from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Singapore. Europeans from France, England, Germany and Russia. Great atmosphere to learn from and spend most of your time talking wakeboarding.

TE Wake N Ski is home to Thailand's top professional wakeboarders. Bunyalo Jumrung (LOTA), Tatsanai Kuakoonrat (A), Damian Lea Anwar (Didi) ,Tanapon Jitraswat (Tom) and the latest, Padiwat Jaemjan (Bomb)