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TE Wake N Ski, a water skiers dream located in the tropical paradise of Thailand.

Back around 1907, some crazy guy in Minnesota was the first one to successfully ski across the water.  In 1999, TE Director, Geoff Penn skied down the Chao Phraya river behind a longtail boat in a full business suit and briefcase.   Skiing had arrived in Thailand, unfortunately, we need a better boat and preferably a lake!

2004 TE Wake N Ski was established just outside of Bangkok on 2 private fresh water lakes, competition ski boats, slalom course, and all of the ski toys. 

Why TE Wake N SKI?

***Accufloat Slalom Course is in the water and ready to go.
    Perfect Pass with Magnetic timing.
Barefoot Boom is ready for training.
***Skis, kneeboards and other toys are waiting to get WET!!!

  • 2004 Malibu Response LX

  • 2005 Elan American Skier with Perfect Pass

  • 2008 Air Nautique 210 Team Edition

  • 2 Private lakes. Perfect water every pass.

  • Great Location, Just 50 Minutes from the Int. Airport, 45 minutes from downtown.

= Total Entertainment

TE Wake N Ski is located in the heart of SE Asia, where the weather is always warm, and the water is always flat.  Our goal is to provided skiers the best  conditions and equipment available in a relaxed friendly environment. 

Your not going to find world Champions as coaches, what you will find is an enthusiastic group of drivers and coaches that can give you what you need and what you expect.  Perfect pulls, in a relaxed atmosphere. 

 Location, Location, Location with Great Accommodations
TE Wake N Ski is located just outside the Bangkok border and surrounded by rice fields in a very rural setting. 

For those wanting more, a taxi is waiting to take you to the many historical attraction located nearby, or explore the many sides of Bangkok just a short 45 minutes away.

Accommodations, our skiers, riders and coaches home away from home is Sri Pratum Longstay resort.  With over 140 rooms and a variety of houses to rent, the resort offers everything a skier would want or ever need.


ski lake in bangkok thailand


TE Asia Co., Ltd.
46/14 Moo 1, Tah Koh
Samkok, Pratum Thani 12160

Main Office: 02 978 8610
Fax: 02 978 8611

Lakeside Mobile Phone #:

081 834 6300 (Jeab)
081 750 3543 (Geoff)

081 806 1896 (Nat)
084 530 1821 (Bomb)
081 806 7627 (General)

E-Mail: info@totalentertainment.co.th